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By Wammy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

What the best thing to do with compost in pots what I have grown potatoes in ?



I'd use it to grow flowers in pots and planters, as these don't have as much need for food as vegetables. You could always mix in a little general fertiliser as well to the mixture.
Alternatively, use the compost as a 'mulch' around existing plants where it will eventually be worked into the soil by worms or dug in when you next cultivate.
The one thing you certainly can't do is grow another crop of potatoes in it!

28 Jun, 2012


Not quite true, if the potatoes were healthy, no signs of disease, no virus, then you can grow potatoes again with the same compost.
Just a question of fertilising it properly.

One of these days I'll write a blog on re-using composts and what to fertilise with for different crops.

28 Jun, 2012


Thanks for your replies Bertiefox and Scrumygrat your answers are much appreciated.

29 Jun, 2012

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