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My swede plants are lovely and green and healthy - however the actual swede bulb looks like a tuber and not round, the same thing happened last year, what's the problem?

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Like carrots and other root vegetables, swead do not like to be grown on ground which has been manured the same year.

28 Jun, 2012


You are right about carrots, but not quite about the swede. All brassicas like manure, the swede being no exception.
Preferably manure in the Autumn, but anything up to a month before sowing can be done. They need a soil with a high PH.

As to the swedes in question, when did you sow them?
May, June , even early July at a push is normal, and plants sown then are nowhere near the stage you are describing, so maybe it's a combination of them being sown too early and soil conditions giving you the problem..

Mine haven't been planted out yet. I'm growing them in cells this year as an experiment and will transplant when they reach a decent size..
They are only at the 2 leaf stage at the moment.

28 Jun, 2012

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