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Can I remove a large root from a blossom tree without killing it?

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I have a medium sized blossom tree (not sure what) at bottom of my garden. A large root has gradually pushed it's way up through the lawn and into an area where I want to lay a gravel path. Is there any way of removing it without killing the tree?



You will probably have to take a chance on this, Scotsgirl. The tree is likely to have several roots radiating out from the trunk and the removal of one should not hurt it. It is an operation that I have carried out several times on trees in our own garden. Of course I cannot guarantee this and you just might be unlucky. I hope not.

21 May, 2009


Thank you for the advice. I will try removing at least part of it this weekend. Fingers crossed!

21 May, 2009


That is one of the problems, Scotsgirl. It is not easy wielding an axe or a saw with your fingers crossed ;-)

22 May, 2009


Before pruning it might be a good idea to wait until next spring before bud burst, less chance of the tree bleeding to death.

30 May, 2009

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