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My poor camellia...I transplanted it from friend's garden who was moving into our yard. I ended up not liking the space, too low with respect to grading and getting too much run off from lawn, so I think the drainage was rather poor. No fertilizer, some superthrive, but it wasn't doing well. Leaves turning color you see. So, I put it in some good camellia potting mix in a 20 gallon pot and trimmed a third of the plant. Other places I read say not to prune too much for sick plants like this because foliage helps roots establish. So...what do I do?! Is it going to make it? :(

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Seems like this Camellia is suffering from the shock of what sounds like 2 disturbances. From ground to ground and then into a container? If it was a well established one, it would not like just one move! You can cut back a Camellia quite drastically while in original position, and fuss it afterwards, they come back very well. Maybe a bit of peace and quiet for it and if it doesn't work.....well you tried.

25 Jun, 2012

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