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Why have my tomatoe plant leaves gone dry and wilted?

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

I am currently growing tomatoes in my greenhouse and I have discovered that the lower leaves have gone dry and wilted. I am watering them once a day in the evening. Is there any reason for this. Thank you



are they getting to wet near the soil? maybe they arent getting enough light

thats my thoughts Im sure someone will give a better reply

good luck

x x x

14 May, 2009


Unless the weather is hot, once a day may be too much for them at the moment. Check the moisture in the soil with your finger or lift the pot at the edge to see how heavy they are, before deciding whether to water. Symptoms of over watering are the same as under watering as the plants roots are starved of oxygen in waterlogged soil. Let the plants dry out a bit before re watering.

14 May, 2009


thank you very much. i will give that a go. have a good evening.

14 May, 2009

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