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Why is my rhubarb not turning red?


By Spshlk

United States Us

This plant is 2 years old and huge. Lots of stalks but all green. I am pretty sure this was not a green rhubarb plant. It has gotten many flower seed pods which I removed in hopes to help the plant. Should I cut some if the green stalk off? Any advice will help I live in Southern Idaho




Not all rhubarb stalks turn red, they can still be eaten

12 May, 2009


I am not a veg grower, so may well be wrong, but I believe that you need to cover the emerging shoots so that they grow in the dark, known as 'forcing' in order to get the lovely bright red stems which I think is what you hoped for. They are wonderfully sweet. You pick and eat them young.

12 May, 2009


If your rhubarb is not turning red, maybe you can think of a way to really embarrassing it! Question: What does rhubarb find embarrassing?

13 May, 2009


One of the red Rhubarbs is the "Champagne Rhubarb" a particular type, the others start red when young but go green as they get older. Mostly the outer skin is red but green flesh.

13 May, 2009


I googled Champane Rhubarb it is available from Crocus Plants on the internet, read all about it and they are reduced from £2.49 to £1 90 a plant this Autumn They are lovely and sweet and pink.

13 May, 2009


There is some incorrect advice here and I want to point it out so nobody tries it. You SHOULD NOT cover rhubarb so it grows in the dark. Forcing has nothing to do with growing red rhubarb and, in fact, what was described is not even forcing. Just let your rhubarb grow (uncovered) in a sunny place and in rich soil. Some varieties simply don't turn red but you should not be concerned about that.

31 May, 2013


Telme, Spshlk is in the States so unlikely to order from Crocus.

Zoneiii it is pretty normal to 'force' rhubarb by covering a crown in January or February with a bucket, or with a more ornamental rhubarb forcer. The darkness and warmth will produce tender stems of rhubarb, which can be picked six to eight weeks later. After harvesting, remove the bucket and feed the rhubarb with an organic fertiliser to help it recover. Do not force the same rhubarb for at least two seasons.

31 May, 2013


Sorry Zoneiii you can cover/force your rhubarb. There are actually rhubard pots for just that purpose. Use in early spring they produce pink to red shoots and are very tender. See Janey,s pics of them they are fantastic.

18 Jul, 2014

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