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What are these plants - 2nd post

Powys, United Kingdom Gb

We were given some pots with shoots already in them, but I have no idea what the plants are. I've taken some photos, can anyone help me identify them? I can only add one photo to each post so I'll have to make several posts with a diffrent photo I think. Thanks in advance.




They look like sedum. They have pink or red flowers in autumn that the butterflies love

12 May, 2009


Thank you :) Anything I have to do to keep them happy? Apart from watering, do they need shade or do they have to be kept at a certain temperature?

12 May, 2009


No sedums do better in full sun - as inverglen said the butterflys love them

12 May, 2009


Full sun and they are happy in a dry soil as the fleshy leaves store water

12 May, 2009

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