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My outdoor hibiscus is covered in blackfly. There are many
ladybirds eating them, and also a narrow black insect with an orange patch on it's back, with lots of legs.
I don't remember seeing this insect before.
Any ideas?



Need a photo really... winged or not? how many legs? feelers at the front, long or short? Waisted or not?

13 Jun, 2012


Sorry no photo.
Not winged, 6 legs at front, splash of orange on lower half
moves quickly. The biggest ones are 1cm long but the little ones are less than half that size. I have had this
hibiscus for about 15yrs and this is the first time I have ever seen this many blackfly, so the other insect has not
been a problem before now.

13 Jun, 2012


Not ladybird larvae, are they? Google for images - some have orange splash, some have yellow or blue... but the bodies look segmented

13 Jun, 2012


Wow you were spot on.I just checked on line and that is exactly what they are.

Thank you so much

13 Jun, 2012


Obviously plenty of aphids for them eat then, lol!

13 Jun, 2012


Lucky you having natural predators onsite. I've only seen about 3 ladybirds so far this year x hope they munch through the pests quickly x

13 Jun, 2012


Strangely enough I haven't seen many ladybirds but they seem to be doing their thing anyway.
I can almost hear them munching all day, and they must be multiplying by thousands.
This site is fabulous, thanks for the feedback.

14 Jun, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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