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My parsnips stalks are 3ft gig and seeding, however the parsnips are only 1/2 inch big. It's possibly due to the rain we've had. Do I cut them down, so the parsnip can get bigger or should I leave it alone. Please help.



to be honest malc i would pull and bin them,what month did you sow them.mid march would be about right they should never be allowed to dry

13 Jun, 2012


Tend to agree with Snoopdog, if the tops are 3 foot tall and seeding you are not going to get a decent parsnip out of them. The weather has been so odd this year a lot of plants, including vegetables are confused (as are us humans).

13 Jun, 2012


Handle with care, especially if (big if, I know) it is very sunny. Parsnips CAN produce the same substances as giant hogweed.

14 Jun, 2012

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