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my geranium leaves are going yellow...i bought 24 small plug plants and they were healthy looking. I potted them into slightly larger pots to bring them on before putting them in they final places. they were on my workbench outside...could it be all this rain....ive covered them now, will it make a difference?



Are they geraniums, or pelargoniums? Unless they are very small, pelargoniums should be ready for a bigger pot by now. Any chance of a photo?

13 Jun, 2012


The cold and the rain wouldn't help especially as they are so tiny, I keepmine in the gh until they have flower buds then harden off carefully

13 Jun, 2012


If they are pelargoniums, the leaves on mine go yellow when they've had too much water, but they tend to bounce back ok if I let them dry out a bit. I've still got mine in the conservatory at the moment too.

13 Jun, 2012


I think it may be too much water, same as Geranium. I planted out 10 from a very well grown batch in full flower that I bought at a garden show. After giving a good show, the rains came down for over 24 hours. Some leaves went yellow and the flowers went rotten. A batch of smaller dark leaved ones planted at same time have no problems. My hardy geraniums revel in the wet and are on the rampage.

14 Jun, 2012

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