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What pests eat part way through the stems of young pea plants causing them to flop over and wither?

Is there a biological control?



Slug is the usual culprit... get the 'rest of the critters' friendly' slug pellets and even then put then where only slug can consume.

12 Jun, 2012



12 Jun, 2012


Slugs and snails.They have been doing it to some of my lupins, eating half way through the stem so the flower head flops over. Must have forgotten to put down slug pellets at some point.

12 Jun, 2012


my lupins have suffered the same problem, the main flower stem is ok but the smaller ones get eaten half through and break off soooo anoying

13 Jun, 2012


Thanks to one and all.

Have already tried slug pellets and a mouse trap without success. Have now sent for nematode cultures for slug and other soil pests. Some brassicas have keeled over and lettuces on lifting have had all their roots eaten but no sigh of cabbage root fly larvae. The plot thickens!


16 Jun, 2012


"sigh of cabbage root fly larvae" Should be "signs"!


16 Jun, 2012

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