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My Camelia plant has hundreds of buds, but they die and fall off, they never flower, what is the problem

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Does it need special feeding



From RHS website:

The flower buds of camellias are formed during the late summer and early autumn of the previous year. Even a short spell of dryness at the roots may cause a check to development. Buds then fail to form, or only partially form, eventually drying up and dropping unopened. Prevent this by keeping plants mulched and well watered during dry periods from July through September.

Bud drop may also occur if feeding has been excessive or carried out later than the end of July. Shedding of small immature flower buds where large numbers have formed, however, is natural and is particularly common with double-flowered camellias.

Camellias require a cool, moist root run. Plants in dry situations may not flower. Frost may also damage flower buds, especially where shrubs catch the early morning sun. Shrubs in deeper shade may also fail to flower. Move such plants to more suitable locations during late autumn.

10 May, 2009

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