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Why do all the cherries fall off my tree?


By Patnic

United Kingdom Gb

My cherry tree is about 4 years old and and is smothered with blossom and then fruit each year. By the beginning of May most of the cherries have fallen and I have yet to see a sinlge cherry full grown. Can you help?



I have a cherry tree near my garden - every year the same thing happens - lots of blossom and then fruit drop - most fruit trees do it to some degree they lose the excess that they cant cope with - is your tree very dry? It should only lose a few cherries not all of them - when I ask if its dry you need to give it a good soak and then some more! At this time of the year it needs loads.

10 May, 2009


Thanks for the reply Genuisscufffy. It does get a regular water but perhaps it's not enough!

17 May, 2009

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