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do weeds killers affect small plants recently grown from bulbs?


By Munna

United Kingdom Gb

I live in the UK, I planted this bulbs two months ago, recently after the weather being warm they started to grow but there are a lot of weeds arround them. I would like to know do this small plants affected by weedkiller.



If you put weed killer on the growing bulbs they will die... I would hand weed to remove the unwanted weeds.

10 May, 2009


Yes the selective weed killers kill all broad leaved plants not grass, but the easiest thing for you to do if it is only these bulbs that are worrying you, dig them up and put them in a pot of compost for now.If there is only weeds above ground then spray with "ROUNDUP" it will not hurt shrubs or anything under ground as it nutralises on contact with the earth. I t will take a week or more for the weeds to die, you will not see immediate reaction, but roots or anything under ground will not be harmed as it nutralises on contact with the earth. When you have cleaned the bed of the dead weeds and worked it over then you can safely re plant your bulbs. You dont say what bulbs they are, if they are tulips or daffs you can dry them off in the sun let the leaves die back then store them in a shed until the Autumn.

10 May, 2009

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