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What to do about leaf eating pests.



Depends what the pest is and what the plant is.

9 Jun, 2012


The plant leaves being eaten is my peruvian daffodil and 4 o'clocks. Don't know what the pest is. I'd like to know what pest eats plant leaves and how get rid of them. Thank you,

9 Jun, 2012


Yes would I! Lots of articles I read recommend going out at dusk with a torch on your head to pick them off!!! Now if you have the time, inclination and stomach for it....that might be a plan! I don't! There are insecticide sprays and treatments available on the market, but of course we are all so chemical-averse these days (with good reason!). I think MY main problem is earwigs and they seem to be virtually indestructiblle! In the end, I just have to live with the critters and encourage the birds in to the garden in the hope that they will contol them! Sounds like you might have a few slugs going about on your we all do! Great food for blackbirds and thrushes, but I must admit to having scattered two cartons of organic slug pellets over my ground a few weeks ago! I'm hoping that will control them a bit. Pests are the bane of the gardener's life aren't they? ;) Good luck!

10 Jun, 2012


I'm afraid you'll have to try to catch whatever it is - there is an enormous range of pests which damage/eat plant leaves, from rabbits, deer, caterpillars, snails, slugs, capsid, thrips, sawflies, beetles, leaf cutting bees, to some wasps if the plants are fibrous, and that's just in the UK. I'm sure you have some rather more exotic critters that might be causing the damage too. Sometimes you can tell because specific insects attack specific plants, and sometimes you can tell by the type of holes there are.

10 Jun, 2012

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