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my 7 year old acer has just started dropping its leaves on some branches, they go brown and curl up. We were at the South of England show today and we asked a gardener who grows acers in this country and he told us that 90 % of the acers sold from garden centres that come from Holland have a disease caused by being grown in greenhouses where there is not enough air circulating, this causing this leaf and branch die back. It has nothing to do with lack of water, too much wind or sun.
My acer is in a semi shady protected area in the garden.
This sound possible to me, what do you think?

On plant Acer palmatum



What immediately strikes me is that you say your Acer is 7 years old, yet this is the first year you've seen this problem, which to me means its about as likely to be the fault of the growers, in Holland or elsewhere, as I am to wake up 30 again tomorrow, frankly.
Any chance of a photograph of the plant, showing the whole thing plus a close up of the wilt if appropriate? Assuming its a Japanese Acer, these plants are prone to die back, sometimes caused by phytophthera.

9 Jun, 2012

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