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"Small spiked palm" type has brown spots and streaks will this infect other plants in the area?

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We have three spiky palm type plants that have become infected with brown leaves/spots and we are worried that it will infect the other plants around. The ground is covered with a membrane to stop weeds etc around and then the whole area is covered with bark chippings. Should these be removed and replaced if the bark will be infected? Can the "palms" be removed by digging out, they have very thick trunks and seem well bedded in? Should they be sawn out or will an axe be the best way to remove this? The ceanothus next to it has started to go brown and appears dead in places, can we cut these off and not kill this plant? Is the whole area infected by this problem or will other plants thrive when we plant new?
Any help here would be appreciated.
Jim and Gill




i dont think youl need to dig them out they need a treatment for the spots.the bottem leaves naturaly shed and go brown so its not as bad as it looks.i dont know the treatment but someone on here will.i would just cut all the leaves of that are hanging down though which in itself will get rid of a lot of the black spot.

9 May, 2009

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