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Conservatory Plants ideas needed.

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Noseypotter, I`ve got room `cos I have 20 pots of various sizes!! so they`ve gotta fit in!! I`m not putting plants in the ground as the garden consists of shrubs and bushes ste in to the lawn and I have no formal flower beds. I`ve just filled in the pond outside the conservatory, `cos my Golden Retriever liked to paddle in it and deposit the mud around the conservatory floor.

Poppymike, geraniums now on my list.

Telme8 It faces ENE and I`ve added geraniums as you and mike seem to both had success with them. I had picked out a Plumbago from the internet `but didn`t know what they looked like, but from your description I`ll try it out.



ow i think wanting to do something is half or more of doing anything.i dont understand how you know you got room for about 20 plants.some plants are a single cell ie alge and some are huge ie eucalyptas excuse my spelling lol.why cant you put plants in the ground ? why 20 ? what do you want from your garden in the future ? you asked a very big question realy. it sounds like im just picking lol .what sort of garedn ? tropical or old school ? cosiderd a water feacture that would be nice bye your conservatry as when you sit in there you can watch the just throwing some ideas at you realy.if i can help just ask but i think you could do with going round a few garden centres or on the internet or look at what your neighbers are growing.pick things you just get a little bit of a plan

8 May, 2009


Hi There, I got a conservatory 3 years ago and have had succeses and failures. A lot depends on how much temperature control you have and how much sun it gets. When I get home from work the temperature can be 40 degrees or more and many plants can't cope with this. Equally in the winter it gets no sun and can be really cold. Geraniums do particularly well in mine as they seem to cope well with the extremes of temperature. I have potted lemon and olive trees, tomatoes and chillies. Do you see a Mediterranean theme here? From trial and error you will find out what suits your conditions. Hope this helps.
Best wishes, Mike

8 May, 2009


Hi There Blackfingers. as Poppy mike says the position and temp of your conservatory does make a difference. Mine is faceing North East so is always comfortable not excessive heat, we sit in it all the year around and have no central heating in it. I have tried different things but I am not an indoor gardener so look for things that need little attention! My most succesful is a long trough on the windowsill with red and pink trailing geraniums I have posted a picture of them with Dewi sitting on the chair in the foreground for you to see, in the photos on my Page if you click onto my Pink rose!! picture on this message. I find a lot of pots need a lot of watering and maintaing without being messy as they have to be move to remove the flies that decide to go to heaven in my conservatory!!!! and litter the windowsills. The geraniums tolorate heat and dry conditions are very showy especially the trailing ones that cascade down. I had a climbing Plumbago which was truly spectacular pale blue which I trained up the corner and all around the top of the conservatory I put those little stick on hooks to fasten them to. I eventually gave up on that as the flowers used to fall daily onto the chairs and stick to everyones clothes, and at my age I don't look for extra housework!! but lovely if you dont mind.
Those are the ones that thrilled me and gave me the most pleasure.

8 May, 2009


fair play lol silly me

8 May, 2009

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