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Can I plant french and runner beans in an area of soil contaminated by dog poo?

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I have just removed a dog poo bin (the type you add an enzyme to and the poo is supposed to be broken down and washed into the soil! Didn't work!) and have dug the area over and watered. I want to plant french and runner beans in this area but i'm worried the beans may be unfit for human consumption. What is anyone advice as I'm in two minds about whether it is any different from horse manure?



It is very different to horse manure, you are right. Horses eat hay etc, and are vegetarian. Dogs are carnivores. They also can carry and spread toxoplasmosis through their faeces. It is not recommended to put these into compost, so I would be very unhappy about planting anything in this area that is to eat. Very nasty to put your hands into the soil to weed or plant, as well!

8 May, 2009

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