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Best compost for herbs?

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hi! I'm wanting to put my herb plants in their pots soon and I'm not sure about the best mix of compost to use. Ordinary multipurpose compost seems too rich and I read in a magazine that you are supposed to mix the compost with small stones, which seems ok. But I have been trying to grow one herb, Winter Savory, which keeps dying on me. I've had to order this plant several times now, as we love this herb in stuffed peppers.

Does anyone have any success in growing herbs in pots and what compost did they use? Many thanks!

On plant Winter Savory Herb




I'm no expert but I have quite a large pot of mixed herbs and us John Innes no 3 with some small pebbles as drainage. They are really healthy looking at the moment so think they are happy!
Hope this helps

7 May, 2009


Hi Craftnutter herbs like a very lean compost mix - think of where they grow in the wild - so I'd add grit, or sharp sand, to the John Innes #3. Though to be honest we would make our own compost up in this case 30% loam, 30% leaf mold (or similar), 40% grit.

7 May, 2009


Oh thanks so much! I didn't realise how much I've been stressing over this, phew! Now I know what to do! I've bought quite a lot of different herbs this spring, so don't want to lose them either! Thanks a million! :-)

7 May, 2009


Have fun... and never stress over growing plants - David & I have a graveyard of plant labels sitting in the potting shed... r.i.p. plants

7 May, 2009


my local gc sells their herbs in pots of bog standard compost and in previous years i have used comercial compost for them with lots of success.
so dont worry cn

7 May, 2009


Thanks Moongrower and Seaburgirl! I've a few labels too! I think I'm learning to destress a bit, let nature do it's thing, lol!

8 May, 2009

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