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I have planted 6 different yellow rose bushes ,all in different areas in yard and they all turn red or pink.Is this a soil problem.Would really like to know yellow roses are my favorite.Been trying 18 years for yellow.



Did you buy them from a reputable dealer, perhaps they have got their labels crossed!

Have you tested your soils pH ?

How did you prepare the planting area prior to planting.

The reason for the questions is; I am just looking for clues

4 Jun, 2012


Roses might change depth of colour go from pale yellow to a deeper yellow if the genetic information has not taken correctly, but they dont change colour, except some may fade as the blooms mature. As it is all six it sounds like you were sold non yellow ones do you have the labels receipt?

4 Jun, 2012


They was purchased at Lowes home improvement all different years.I have a lot of clay in our area, so we dug deep replaced with top soil ,fertilize with miracle grow,watered. toppped with mulch

4 Jun, 2012


Yes still have labels with 2 i planted 2 weeks ago.they are ready have pink blending in petals.

4 Jun, 2012


Hopefully someone else will answer you with more help.

4 Jun, 2012


One problem we have is you are in the USA and we are in the UK so temperatures could be substantially different.

If your temperatures are say more tropical rather than temperate as ours is, this may have an affect on the colours.

Roses are more suited to temperate climates.

Plus where you bought them doesn't sound like a dedicated gardening store/ centre like we have.

From my experience in the UK when shopping at chain stores it is not uncommon to get mis- labelled plants, hence we shop at reputable specialists to ensure we get what we buy, although they sometimes make mistakes too!

I would guess your supplier has their plants imported and they do not have qualified staff to look aft them so mistakes can be made.

OK most of what I have mention is supposition and I have no way of knowing if it is true.

It sound like your soil conditions are not the problem as roses will perform well in most types of soil,including clay!

If anything I would have dug the mulch in rather than leaving it on the surface,this would have helped to improve the soil, but no matter, you can always fork it in later.

I am unsure if pH has an affect on flower colour as it can do with some other types of flowers,but I would have thought not, because I have seen roses that have been neglected for years still producing masses of flowers of the right colour.

So I'm afraid I have to plump for mis- labelled plants.

Sorry I can't be of more help...Tg

4 Jun, 2012


I bought 3 'Silver Wedding' Standard Roses 3 years ago.
They have reverted to Brambles. Woman in GC told me they came from Poland. I complained. GC offered me a choice of 3 replacement varieties. I have demanded to know their origin. If they are the rubbish from Poland I want a refund.

5 Jun, 2012

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