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Please Help! We recently moved into an old farm house that had been very neglected. We have been working on clearing out ALOT of over grown brush... I found about 4 of these roses in over grown brush...
I would like to know what they are, can I transplant them now and what is the best place for them?
We need to get the brush cleared out where they are... so one way or another they r going to be gone and or moved....
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Perhaps a rose expert can identify them, but I would guess it is extremely difficult to do so given the hundreds of different varieties and without more detail of their habit, such as are they bushes, climbers, multiflora or whatever, are they scented?
Transplanting them is technically possible but you should move them in the dormant period when they have no leaves. Trying to move them in summer would undoubtedly kill them, especially if they are large bushes.
If they are ancient well established roses they probably have a well developed root system that would need to be cut away to move them, so it may take some time to re-establish them if at all.
Don't forget you can take cuttings from them, of both ripe wood in the autumn, and even of softwood now, with care and misting.

4 Jun, 2012


I agree with Bertie, but as you say one way or the other you will be moving them then you have to take the. "nothing ventured" approach and give it a try!

To describe how to do it is quite involved so let me direct you to the link on my website that will explain what to do, then it's fingers crossed that it will work!

4 Jun, 2012

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