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I have a hedge of Berberis darwinii and it has just finished flowering. I need to cut it down not only to even it up but to encourage growth at the bottom. Can I trim it back about 18 inches worth? Or is this too savage?



They are tough as old boots,Graybeard...I used to prune mine back severely,now and always recovered well.

5 Jun, 2012


Thanks Bloomer, It's nice to get reassurance. I will start as soon as I get my trimmer back. I cut through the lead yesterday.

8 Jun, 2012


Not a good start,Graybeard ! just be careful,as it will probably have some thick branches,and my,it does hurt if those thorns get you..hope you have some protective glasses and gloves... I speak from experience..:o)

8 Jun, 2012

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