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Can anyone tell me if this is a plant or a weed. It is growing in our garden and we want to know if we should get rid of it.




It could be goldenrod (solidago), and it rather depends on your point of view. The goldenrod in my garden grows to be very tall (6') and it does spread all over the place, so I pull a lot of it up. In its favour, bees love it.

3 Jun, 2012


It does look like Golden Rod... Some people love it and in a long border set amidst other tall-growers, it will look fine.
If you have a confined space it will try to muscle its way in and take over. But, as Mel suggests, it is fairly easily controlled. If you keep ahead of it, let it go and it.., it will go!
It looks better in a BIG clump rather than isolated bits here and there.. But that is me.

3 Jun, 2012


my golden rod doesnt have the serrated edge. It reminds me of the artemisias or even the weed mugwort.

5 Jun, 2012

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