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By Dizzy11

Tyne And Wear, United Kingdom Gb

I have had a anthedesia in the same spot for just over a year it has grown quite a lot but it is turning yellow (leaves )and the flowers are dying in fact it looks a bit sorry for itself please can you HELP



I'm confused - Anthedesia is a form of Anthurium, which is a houseplant in the UK, so either you're not in the UK, or the plant you've got isn't outside, or its outside and its not Anthedesia. Can you clarify please?

7 Jun, 2012


The plant is kept in house I do live in the uk .I have kept it in the same place in my dinning room,I don't know wether I may have over watered it this one time or can you feed them to much plant food ?must mention when I thought I may have over watered it I put it outside on a very hot day. I have since taken all the yellowing leaves and flower stems off plant only to notice there is more turning yellow. Please try and help as I received this plant from my parents as house warming gift so it is quite special to me. Thanks

9 Jun, 2012


To be honest, this plant is a fussy little beggar and a devil to keep going. I had one, and although I have a lot of success with houseplants, this one beat me and I binned it after 2 years. Like you, the leaves yellowed and in the end it got infested with something which I couldn't get rid of - my fault, too close to the open window all summer.

Care for these plants is as follows:
Needs bright light, but not direct sunlight in summer particularly. Likes high humidity, and must not be allowed to dry out, yet does not like to stand in water all the time. Water when the surface of the compost is just dry to the touch and give it a good soak. Empty any pot or tray after 30 minutes, Benefits from being surrounded by other plants, or stood on a tray filled with pebbles, kept half topped up with water (stand the pot on the pebbles, not in the water) which creates a humid environment for it. Repot every other year, cut in half when you do and repot the sections separately. Feed during the growing season (spring through summer) with a good houseplant food. Requires temperatures that do not drop below about 15 deg C, even at night. If you do stand it outside, don't put in full sun, stand in the shade.

10 Jun, 2012


Thanks for help will give this a go

10 Jun, 2012

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