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Pollination of Marketmore cucumbers

Cumbria, United Kingdom Gb

I'm growing these cucumbers in a cold greenhouse. Do you take off the male flowers or leave them on as for outside growing, If left on, will it be necessary to hand pollinate? Have since heard from Sutton's that as this is a ridge (outdoor) variety the male flowers do not have to be removed.



I've never grown cucumbers but I've read on this site (type in "cucumbers" in the search box) that you are supposed to remove the male flowers and brush the pollen with the female flowers. The female flowers are the ones with the mini cucumber right behind the flower.

Apparently, if male flowers are left on, it makes the cucumber taste bitter.

Hth? Please check before you do this, as I could be wrong.

6 May, 2009


Spot on, Craftnutter!

19 May, 2009

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