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I have a problem with a camellia. To me it looks like it is dying. It has 2 main stems. The first in this pic, clearly shows dying leaves. However, since this was taken, the second stem has gone the same way.

It is about 5 years old and has been ok until this year. This started to happen around March this year.

Any ideas?

The 2 bottom pics have been added 4 June 2012

Dscn1343 Dscn1344



The soil looks very dry,somhairie..they need lots of water..and Ericaceous they seem to prefer a shaded area too,such as north facing..the leaves at the top look burnt by the sun,but the lower leaves look you feed it at all?..I would be tempted to take all the red,damaged leaves off,and see if it improves..and try the above suggestions,if possible..

3 Jun, 2012


The brown leaves made me think that it needs more iron - so some ericaceous fertiliser and soil. What put me off saying that earlier is that the top most leaves look poor but the bottom ones look fine...water is probably the cause as Bloomer has said. I personally think it was too wet then got too dry! Which matches the weather in March and April. I think an ericeous water feed and it will start looking better.

3 Jun, 2012


Thanks, guys. I will post a few more pics later. The shrub looks much worse now and I am actually thinking of removing it.

I do feed in late summer after flowering and this is a NE position.

Hope you have a chance to see the next pics.

4 Jun, 2012


It really does look sad. Suggest you get rid of all that brown stuff and feed NOW. Prune back the lower part about half. Churn up the ground round it with a chopping tool, as I did my oldest Cam recently, as it was looking a bit fed up. Puddle in a generous feed and feed REGULARLY, not once a year. I also scalped my old Cam and cut off a big branch too. It is really rejuvenated about a month on. Very rewarding. Dig it out if it doesn't work.

4 Jun, 2012


Thanks, I'll give that a try and if it does not improve. Out it comes!

4 Jun, 2012

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