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What to do with my Courgettes?

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Aaaagh! These courgette seeds germinated literally 5 days after they were sown! They are monsters, lol! You can literally see them growing! I feel like I have taken on those magic beans or a Trifid!

Do I put these out in the garden now, in the mini greenhouse or keep them on the window sill? If the last, how long for? They really scare me!




I would put them in the greenhouse Craftnutter start letting them get used to cooler climates then they will be used to it when its ready for planting

they really are beauties

x x x

6 May, 2009


Ooooh thanks Mookins! I really don't like them at all!!
lol! Phew, yes, I think getting them off my kitchen window sill would be best!! (shakes!) I also hate the way they keep bending to the light, eeeeeek!

Will let you know how they get on! Mwah, CN xoxo

6 May, 2009


I potted mine up into 5inch pots and they are in the greenhouse, no heat , I like em craftnutter !!
I do think however at night they are trying to escape.

see photo's

6 May, 2009


hehehe Maccrimmon!!! Thanks! I've shoved them in the mini greenhouse now, so they can't creep me out anymore! Lol! xoxo

6 May, 2009

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