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Hi, my garden is very basic, majority is lawned with borders which are planted, a gravel seating area and a decent sized patio. The whole area is plagued with ants. They get into all my pots, fruit trees to tomato plants and are visible all the time in the lawn and on the patio. They are not aggressive and we have never found them in the house. I have wanted a greenhouse for ages and have put it off as I don't want it overrun with these pests.
Is there anything I can do, and/or will ants have a detrimental effect on a greenhouse?
I intend using the greenhouse for toms/peppers etc and maybe for seedlings and potting on etc.
Thank you.



At certain times of the year, around now they are very busy fussing over their eggs and foraging so you notice them more. After some of the new arrivals have grown wings and soared away as Swallow fodder it goes a bit quieter. If they are nesting in a pot you may have to use something to deter them or in the house mortar nesting. They are usually looking for aphids to get honeydew to feed the brood and do no harm. They undermined a Heuchera pot by 2 inches of soil and deposited it at the base of a chimney pot so they got powdered and the pot decanted and refreshed.....that's the sort of mischief that causes damage.

3 Jun, 2012


When I find too many in the greenhouse I just put powder down to remove a few hundred!

5 Jun, 2012

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