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raspberry canes slow to show signs of life


By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

recently bought 120 raspberry canes they have been
planted now for 6 weeks some are sprouting away
even in this awful weather the rest arnt showing any
signs at all also went out tonite and found a small
slug climbing up the cane could these blighters be
nicking off my buds also thanks to everyone so far
for all your help and guidence its very much appreciated



just found this info hope it helps:

Raspberry Diseases
It is recommended that raspberry canes are always sprayed with derris and copper fungicide at the beginning and end of June to prevent common raspberry diseases.

Raspberry Beetle is a pest where the beetle larvae feed on the berries, leading to badly formed fruit - it becomes dry and shriveled. The larvae fall of after a time, and can be seen on the soil at the base of the plant.

Spur Blight is a fungal infection and is best controlled by regular pruning of overcrowded branches and burning them. The first symptoms are purple areas appearing on the branches in August which quickly turn into silver patches marked with black fungus. If the infection is not prevented, spray with copper fungicide such as Bordeaux mixture (available from most garden centres).

Aphids (several types) often infect raspberries and the only successful course of action is to spray with a good insecticide immediately they are noticed. The varieties 'Malling Orion', 'Malling Delight' and 'Malling Leo' are surprisingly resistant to aphid attacks.

Birds love raspberries, and can be a real problem in some areas where they are numerous. Netting or fruit cages are the only real solution, although there are a variety of 'scaring' mechanism available at garden centres

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5 May, 2009


Ricky, Did you cut the newly planted canes back to 6 to 9 inches from the ground. Raspberries are best planted in the autumn. If slugs are around, put soft ashes and grit around them.

5 May, 2009

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