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Apple tree from a eating apple seed


By Scotkat

Angus, Scotland Sco

Now 5ft tall and growing new shoots ,shouild we be feeding this and will it bear any fruit.



I had two pears and an apple tree grown from pips of fruit bought in Tesco's! the 1 pear produced beautiful fruit about the 3rd year after planting out as a 1ft sappling. (This amazed me as I had always heard that you planted a pear tee for the next Generation to enjoy the fruit!) it was very successful I contacted Wisley about what type it would be and they said I could register it and name it. I did not bother, I also contacted a Nursery and they said if I sent them 6 cuttings they would graft them onto stock and grow them for me for a charge of £70 that again I did not do as I was happy enough to have my pear tree not needing any more. I had enough fruit from it to give away and froze a lot for my Autumn fruit puddings during the Winter. Oh how sorry I am as the tree had grown very tall and blew down in a gale, we have very heavy clay and the root system had not travelled well enough for the size of the tree. The second pear tree obviously a different type has never had bloosom untill last year about 6 blooms which did not retain the fruit. I was hoping this year but no luck. It is about 10 yr old now. The apple tree grew like the first pear tree and fruited but was very prone to canker so I cut it down, obviously not suitable to our heavy soil. I thought I would give you this saga, to warn you if it is a good one, name it, register it and enjoy it!! I understand some types do take a number of years to fruit especially the older ones, as the more modern breeds seem to fruit very young. Perhaps an expert will give you more helpfull information.

4 May, 2009


Well done - I too have an apple tree growing on my allotment grown from a pip - a braeburn. This must be its fourth year and no sign of blossom so another fruitless year I fear. Still there is always next year. I also have citrus trees, and until recently three avacados that I found sprouting from stones that had been thrown on the compost heap; gave up on these they grew ok but a single stem without any real interest so I decided they were more use back on the compost heap.

4 May, 2009


Thankyou hoping it fruits as it a real tasty apple Empire.

4 May, 2009


I don't want to doubt either of you, but when I contacted Wissley they said the fruit would not be the same as the fruit I had the pip from. I would be able to register it as a new type and could name it and providing it was not already taken, could then be registered. In which case they would not be a Braeburn or an Empire. Sounds quite exciting to be able to name your own although I never did. I thought it better to let it fruit for two years and see if it would keep or how tasty it was before going to those lengths.
When the wind blew mine down I tried to bud some onto the other pair tree but they did not take unfortunately, more than likely the wrong time of year.

4 May, 2009

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