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By Zoehart

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Can I grow Rosa albertine in a pot? im from east yorkshire and ive put it in a pot today but i have a few plants to ask about lol



This rose is a vigorous rambler so I would say it wont fare well in a pot .
Its also not very disease resistance and very thorny so make sure you spray with rose clear every fortnight.
Ah I see you already have this in a pot now .It needs to be at least 18" deep Zoe.

24 May, 2012


I would have said this is not a rose for a pot - it's VERY vigorous and will have difficulty coping with a restricted root run. If it has to be in a pot, make it the biggest you can possibly find and feed it and water it very well and very regularly. I eventually dug mine out and replaced it with "New Dawn" because of the problems with blackspot.

24 May, 2012


Okay Ill see how it goes and if its not good in a few weeks ill plant it in the garden lol eeeks

25 May, 2012


Thank you :-) both. x

25 May, 2012

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