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British wrinkly living 500 metres up in the Appennines above Bologna. Trying to maintain an English garden with lawn, roses, Coxes Orange Pippins etc........ Not doing too badly so far, but I have to keep reminding myself that what grows in the UK maybe deeply unhappy here. It certainly isn't "gardeners' world", but I love it. Empty UK garden centres each trip back, and not quite everything ends up in the plant cemetery. Learning something every day.
Soil here is very chalky clay, shallow over rock. Use cow manure straight from the shed and try to rot it down for at least a year before using it, but it just isn't the same as horse manure. Long dryish very cold winters, very hot dry summers. "helpful" neighbours. Every day a challenge. Every day a joy.

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  • A reward for all that hard work.....
  • Perennial mesembryanthemum (Delosperma cooperi (Hardy Ice Plant))
  • Perennial wallflower "Winter Orchid" (Erysimum)
  • Viper's Bugloss (Echium vulgare (Blue Weed))

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