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To kill ants or not to kill ants?

Renfrewshire, United Kingdom Gb

My garden teems with ants! And I just bought 2 ant traps and was about to put them down when I was assailed by conscience. Do ants do a lot of harm? What do other people think about exterminating them?



hi froggy,
i do not know about that, but should they decide to make a b line for your back door then they can be stopped by applying barrier of TRANSPARENT flexible filler across the door frame. they will not cross that.

30 Apr, 2009


Hi froggy it depends on which you prefer in your garden, ants or ladybirds and bumble bees? ants will kill ladybirds and bumble bees, so maybe this will be some help to you?

30 Apr, 2009


i never knew that about the filler dave. my front door and windowsills are covered in ant powder at the min as they seem to like my kitchen. will look out for filler will look alot tidier

30 Apr, 2009


Ants are just part of nature - best to work with nature than against it I always find. I do have problems with ants - esp making their nests in my containers and making nests in the lawn. They also 'farm' aphids, protecting them from some preditors. However, they also themselves predate upon other insects that may be garden pests. Personally, I wouldn't dream of using ant traps in the garden (I do use them indoors tho) as I feel that outdoors, every creature has its place.

Rosina - I have never heard of ants killing ladybirds or bumblebees. Ladybirds 'rock' from side to side if ants try to attack them and when things get too much they fly away. My garden has plenty of ants, plenty of ladybirds and plenty of bees - and I don't use ANY pesticides outdoors!!!

30 Apr, 2009


Thanks Sid, that's really good to know! (pleased you don't use pesticides too!)

30 Apr, 2009


my cousin who is a carpenter told me and i mentioned it at work when we had an ant problem and it worked. believe me. dave.
has to be transparent flexible filler

30 Apr, 2009

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