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By Wave129

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can you please tell me what this is called, also can I buy seeds, seems to grow mainly in brickwork.




It's a campanula but sorry not sure which one it is, because of where it's growing could be poscharskyana, but I'm sure someone will be more definite for you

22 May, 2012


You can buy plants at the garden centre - sometimes labelled Campanula muralis, sometimes C. porscharskyana. Don't get mixed up and buy C. carpatica by mistake - throws out long flowering shoots and a very untidy grower.

22 May, 2012


This is a campanula portenschlagiana. For seeds just google "campanula portenschlagiana seeds"

23 May, 2012


Very helpful, have ordered some from Ebay.
Thank you very much

23 May, 2012


My deepest apologies - I got the names mixed up, Swissy is absolutely right - campanula portenschlagiana is synonymous with campanula muralis, not porscharskyana.

23 May, 2012

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