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A conifer leylandi enquiry:
I have a row of four leylandi conifers I want to replant into another part of my garden (south facing). Are they safe to move at this time of year, will they survive and grow if I move them?

They are five feet in height and planted one meter apart. We excavated the soil around one of the plants (without disturbing the roots), we saw lots of horizontal roots attached to the neighbouring conifer.

If the conifers can be moved, could we cut these horizontal roots or do they have to be kept intact?

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You would be better waiting until autumn to move your conifers, even then there is no guarantee they will survive. The roots of a leylandii are very close to the surface and do spread out in all directions. Cut off too much root and the tree will die.

21 May, 2012


Dear Moon_growe, thank you for your message :-) T

21 May, 2012

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