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By Wiseowl

Gloucestershire.UK, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone please advise me how to deter deer ( roe,muntjak etc) from eating just about every flower I wish to grow(rose buds,tulips,lilies a speciality). My garden is not suitable for surrounding by high fencing- perhaps some electronic gadget or foul smelling chemical ?



The only way I know to keep deer out is a 2 metre fence...

20 May, 2012


Growing deer resistant plants is probably the best thing...then slowly reintroduce things that they like after they have got used not to feed in your garden. failing that a bloody deer head on the garden fence does say to them not to mess.

20 May, 2012


I'm not sure a deer head is going to deter the deer Kildermorie. Friends of our moved down to Galloway and the only way to garden was inside a 2 metre high fence. There is little deer wont eat...

20 May, 2012


The head was a joke but plants like Crocosmia are deer resistant though try telling that to deer.

20 May, 2012


I'm afraid young deer have a go at everything until they choose favourites. We had to resort to a deer fence too. I was also amazed at just how low a space they can crawl under! Limbo experts obviously. If a deer fence all round is not possible, can you just fence a small area, where your best plants can go?

21 May, 2012


There is a product called 'grazers' which deters rabbits, pigeons and deer. Have a look on the internet for suppliers and reviews.

21 May, 2012


Many thanks to Moon Grower,Kildermorie,Sophie Mears and Jimmytheone. Sadly my garden would be too awkward and expensive to high-fence although I realise its effectiveness;Kildermorie's idea of a "bloody" deer head sounds excellent(!) but I would have to be out of bed at 5am to catch one so will have to settle for Jimmytheone,s
patent chemical "Grazers" and will report back if successful.

22 May, 2012

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