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Two of my tomato plants are nearly 4ft high and only showing two trusses.One is a cherry and also Alicante.What is wrong?



i would say that you have forced them to much you should not have any strusses on yet the alacantie usuely gives fruit about late july to mid august

20 May, 2012


I basically agree with Cocksy!

Just as a matter of interest how many pairs of leaves are there on the plants? and how far apart is each pair?

I am getting the impression there is 9"-12" between them where normally there would only be 3"-4" apart.

Usually the first truss appears after 3-4 sets of leaves,is this the case with yours?

I look forward to your reply or better still a photograph.

20 May, 2012


The advice given is that you should always keep tomato plants restricted in their smaller pots until the first flowers are open on the first truss. If you transplant them before that stage they can often 'miss' the first or two trusses and concentrate on making vegetative growth.
This makes sense, as all plants make more blossom and fruit when they are in a sense 'threatened' and 'think' they have to start making preparations for reproduction. I guess as gardeners our task is to get the balance between stressing plants enough to do this, while keeping them healthy and sufficiently well fed to produce good flowers and fruit.

21 May, 2012

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