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By Aina

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone hope u are well.
Have a question re carrott seed.
I grew some under glass then put out when strong enough in soil before all the rain in hertfordshire area lost the lot.

I now have some more seed and a bed to put it in.
the only problem is that it is slug city never seen so many I have Runner beans in the section near to where the carrotts are going to be sown and they have been eaten alive by the little menaces.
I have purchased sharp gravel and put it around the runners and this works.
But I don't think it would work for the carrott seed.

Would it be best to start off in a cold frame and then when strong enough transplant to main border or should I just use deep flowerpots and the old deep trough that I have doing nothing around the garden?



It is not a good idea to transplant carrots! At best you would end up with fork and corkscrew carrots.

Like you say; you could try growing them in pots and the trough, but be warned, the slugs/snail can climb as well, I often find them in my wall baskets which are at least seven foot off the ground.

Perhaps once you get them going in their pots under controlled conditions, you could sink the pots slightly into the soil, then cover the ground around the pots with the sharp sand you have.

I don't know? I have never tried this, but I am just trying to be helpful and promote some other ideas.

My carrots are not usually affected in this way......carrot fly!!...then thats another story!

20 May, 2012


I wouldn't have expected slugs to go after carrots, as Teegee says carrot fly is the problem. Agree also that you sow carrots where you want them to grow, impossible to transplant as a most root vegetables.

20 May, 2012

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