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Update to previous question re AUBRETIA

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Up -to -date photo of hole in clump of my aubretia




looks like an animal is using it as a right of way rather than eating it to me.its bean squashed down in places and all round its healthy.mite be hedge hogs.if it were being eaten or it was ill it would be over a more general area

29 Apr, 2009


yeah, i reckon cat napping or possibly snail/slug damage?
Have u tried looking at night to see if they are feasting on it?
But then as NP said, you'd think the latter wld affect the whole plant...
Funny, the place it's growing in looks just like where we have some on a little front wall bordering the house. Mine have been suffering from the dry weather i think.

29 Apr, 2009


thats wear an animal is going in and out your garden im convinced. snail damage would be generalised

29 Apr, 2009


Hey ! can I see dandelions ? please get rid of them quickly or they will seed all over the place, and this will give you unnecessary work later on.

29 Apr, 2009


think Np is likely right , a cat might be using it to stalk mice ,birds etc ,check out scooby in the lupins on my photo's he does this all the time when its warm.

29 Apr, 2009


I agree with NP a cat has had something to do with that hole - curling up and going to sleep in the sun? Have you recently got new neighbours who have a cat?

29 Apr, 2009

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