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Hello - we moved into our house last July and the wisteria was in full bloom. Please note - Im not a gardener , Im a total novice. I pruned it back at the correct time of year and understand it will only be in full bloom bi-annually. However - although it looks very fed up this year (May) it DOES have small flowers that look like mini wisteria...but hardly an leaves. Im confused! I didnt expect any flowers? If you look closely on the attached two photos you will see. Its a huge wisteria and goes across two garages also. Can someone advise me please - am I panicking or is there something not right? What are the next steps. HELLLPPPP! Many thanks!!!

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You seem to have been given incorrect information. First, it is unusual for wisteria to be in full flower in July. Its flowering time is anywhere between April through to early June, depending on the weather in any given year. Some years, the flowers will appear on bare wood, and the leaves follow on. Other years, the leaves are opening slighty before the flowers, sometimes even fully out as the flowers open up. It also flowers every year, once it starts flowering, not every other year. Pruning is carried out in August, and again around Jan/Feb, but not later than 15th February.
Your wisteria looks fine - the only thing I'd be slightly concerned about is the growth right up under the guttering - if that gets under the fascia board, it'll be growing in the loft.

14 May, 2012


Yes, the height is worrying. Try to prune out any parts that you will never be able to reach. I would limit it's growth to the part over the doorway. Keep it well pruned (at the appropriate time) and don't allow any new extensions of growth, unless you ant to extend the framework. Last of all, don't panic!!

14 May, 2012


Hello both - thank you very much for this extremely useful information. I guess because I saw everyone elses Wisteria in the village in full bloom I also beleived mine would not this year. I'll take your advice also about cutting it down as it is extremely high. Thank you again both.

14 May, 2012


I will not pretend to be an expert but I would think pruning at the right time is all about getting the maximum flowering buds? Bamboo is spot on with pruning times. The flowering buds in the pictures look good too so I think you're doing ok. Flowering times will depend on which way the wall faces as well as your area. Mine flowers 3 weeks after another one just down the road and has done that for 3 years now (since I moved in.) NB- I had a second flush of small late flowers last year....not sure how that happened!

However...... personally once that has finished flowering I would tackle cutting the top half back (and /or wire some of the growth horizontal if you want growth above the windows. ) It has already reached the roof and the new growth can be over 6ft+ per year. You need to create a structure that you are happy to prune around. In it's current state it is risking damaging the roof and putting energy into pointless growth you can't prune properly. I wouldn't wait for it to put on more growth before pruning the top half.

The way I look at it there is two types of growth. The long whips you tie in for adding to the structure and then the growth you prune once at the end of summer knowing you will prune it even shorter later to flower. Once you are happy with the structure then treat all the growth as flowering growth.

You know I've trained in bits I've later cut off and made plenty of mistakes with mine but the growth rate means you will soon have another piece to use for changing the structure.

Again, don't panic. Get it to the shape you can manage and life will be much easier.

14 May, 2012

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