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I have a large potted camelia, I'm not much of a gardener so it kind of takes care of itself - this year we have started to water daily and feed weekly and suddenly the flowers (not that theres many) are damp to touch and falling off, even buds.. can anyone give me any advice on how I should be caring for this plant? many thanks



Your Camelia was used to surviving on no attention then you suddenly started watering every day, I think you have overwatered and the shrub is, effectively, drowning. I would not normally recommend this but suggest that you un-pot and repot in fresh ericaceous, acidic, compost making sure that you have a good layer of drainage at the bottom of the pot. Then be a little more careful in the watering... to check if the soil is moist scrape away the top inch or so in a small area - if it is damp them don't water

28 Apr, 2009


I'm sorry if I'm stating the obvious here, but are you sure the flowers are not just finished now? A couple of my camellias have already finished flowering and the flowers turn brown and drop off and look a bit of a mess if I don't clear them up lol They don't last all that long really. Also, be careful not to overfeed them (read the instructions with the feed) as it can become over-concentrated in the compost so I hear.

28 Apr, 2009


thank you both..
I looked up the flowering period and its meant to be march to may - but it only bloomed about 4 wks ago.. so hopefully not!
I cant re pot it - its huge.. but I have instructed hubs not to water for a while and yes we probably had overfed it on somebody elses recommendation!!
Thanks for the advice

29 Apr, 2009

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