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We have a cul d sac of 6 bungalows from 6-10 yr old
and this year all our front n back lawns are infested with
a scale (lawngrass scale) as is known in USA. They look like wood lice but are creamy coloured 4/5 mm long with
a distinctive dark parallel line down each side of its body. No one seems to know how to deal with them. I'v shown them to the local garden centre who recomended Provado ultimate bug killer but the company Bayer say it has never been tested on lawns- so wouldn't commit themselves , although the product kills scale insects on plants. Any answers PLEASE.



can you get a test bit of infected turf of the edge of one of your lawns and try Provado ultimate on it before committing yourselves to whole lawns . another thing id be inclined to scarrify the lawns i think its called or put lots of holes in it with a fork so the bug killer can get down to the roots to . why dont you look up your bugs on google to and see how you kill it .

11 May, 2012

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