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falling and yellowing leaves of holy tree? what can i do


By Meena

United Kingdom Gb

We have a holy tree which is more that 22 years old. Suddenly over the last year the leaves are becoming yellow and falling off. The tree does not have any dark glossy green leaves anymore. What should I do?



Your tree may be getting too large in top growth for it's root area, also the lack of glossy leaf indicates pollution. Can you make more water available for the roots together with liquid feed maxicrop with sequestrene.

27 Apr, 2009


how old can a holy get then doc ? i hope your fealing better mate.

27 Apr, 2009


Hi Leigh,
This one is only young, often in the past they were left because of their powers to ward off evil spirits, often associated with Xmas. From memory I can only visualise them at about 50 years old, as with other trees they have got in the way of progress.
Feeling a lot better thanks, getting around and doing a bit, glad it's rained. Hope you are well.

27 Apr, 2009


yes mate and im glad your fealing better doc

27 Apr, 2009


I planted a holly in to the ground 3 years ago and its been terrible. It berried the following year but since has got very yellow leaves that have dropped of and now the tree looks virtually bare!! Lets hope someone can help us.

27 Apr, 2009


actualy ive sean dying of holly or yellowing leaves a few times now just recently.i hope its nothing more ominus.i always thaught holly was quite a tuff plant once it got established

27 Apr, 2009

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