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How do I deter deer from eating my entire garden? Are there any plants that they don't like?


By Listock

United States Us

I live in rural Somerset, ENGLAND. The deer have eaten my roses, pansies, spring onions, and my hedge of escallonia which is now dying. They will shortly be enjoying strawberries, courgette flowers, tomatoes and lettuces. Is there anything that I can plant that they will not eat?



Honest answer? Nothing... only a high fence will keep them out.

Oh and you say you live in Somerset but when I hover over your icon I see the American flag?

26 Apr, 2009


Having checked google take a look at

26 Apr, 2009


I am also confused Moon-grower... but if you are in the US, the only sure ways are a tall fence or a big dog or both!

26 Apr, 2009


There are several places called Somerset in the USA.

27 Apr, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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