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I live in rented accomodation and there is no way I can collect rainwater for my Blueberries which I grow in pots, does anyone know of a chemical I can add to tap water to make it more desirable for my blueberries?.





well id of thaught tap water would of been fine but if not theres a filter they use in the aquariam trade that comes in lots of different sizes that takes out all the nasty aditives you dont want . id look in that direction if i was you .

6 May, 2012


Tap water is terrible for blueberries Leigh..Do you have more info on those filters.

6 May, 2012


The only reason blueberries prefer rainwater is because they're acid lovers - if you live in a hard water area, there will be lime in the water, which makes the water alkaline, not acid. Depending where you live, Olly, tapwater may not be an issue, but if you live in a hard water area, then use tapwater - just give the plant a shot of sequestrene iron tonic once or twice a year to offset the alkalinity. If you're worried about chlorine levels, draw the water off and leave it in a can or bucket for about 30 to 60 minutes, which gives the chlorine time to evaporate.

6 May, 2012


ok pimpernel no problem . bamboo may have a point but i feal you already know what water you have somehow . ive never baught one of these filters pimpernel but iveseen them used . they go inline strate after the tap . there a cylinder shape . you need a koi specialist . you should be able to find one on here ie the net .be carefull what you ask for as theres obviously pond filters as aposed to water filters/conditioners .

6 May, 2012


Thank you squad.
Fruitful gardening.



7 May, 2012


your welcome olly

8 May, 2012

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