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Hi, Bought 2 spider lily bulbs from Waitrose the other day they were in a sealed brown paper bag. I aim to put in a container. When I opened them they were already shooting, pale green shoots about 2" tall. Can I plant them out now? and if not how do I keep the bulbs healthy, do I seal bag again or keep them warm/cool. Any advise please.



Lycoris, Hymenocallis, Crinum - these are all plants referred to as spider lily. Any idea which one you've got?

5 May, 2012


Hi Yes Hymenocallis Festalis does this help?

5 May, 2012


Forget about growing Hymenocallis (these are what waitrose are selling) outdoors!!
Pot them now into a 15/20cm pot per bulb and place in a warm and light spot in the house. the top quarter of the bulb should be above the soil. I use multi purpose compost with grit and vermiculite added.
They will probably not bloom this year - the bulbs looked too small to me as they need to be about 70/80mm in diameter before they're of a flowering size. The good news is that they will produce lots of offsets too.

6 May, 2012

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