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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone identify these pls. The first one has appeared in the same place I grew Oenotherea biennis last year, not sure if its a weed or the primrose growing again.
The second one has white flowers, thought it looked a bit like a sisyrinchium. Ive had it tucked away in a pot for ages and forgot about it.

Img_2246 Img_2248



Defo not a Sisyrinchium, looks more like an Aster.

4 May, 2012


The first one is the oenothera. As this is a biennial, it's probably a seedling from the original plant

4 May, 2012


The second one looks like what I privately call "that tall white thing" that has small heads of small white flowers and spreads quite rapidly, but I don't know what its called. Not much help really. It does look like an aster too but I wouldn't have thought an aster would be that tall already?

4 May, 2012


is the second one Achillea ptarmica 'the pearl'?

4 May, 2012


Hi Seaburngirl just looked the Achellia up on Internet and yes it does look like it. I will have to take another photo when it's in flower. Thanks for your replies . So glad I sent the photos as the Oenithera nearly ended up on compost heap ! 

4 May, 2012


Yes yes, that's what my tall white thing is! Thank you Seaburngirl.

5 May, 2012

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