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rasing trainling begonia

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last week I received 63 medium trailing begonia plug plants,I have potted them on and as stated only watered them one a week, to stop them rotting.Some have just started to grow others have withered, They are in the conservetory at the moment, I have one of those large greenhouses that you put a plastic cover over do you think it will be warm enough for them in there.the back faces east the front southwest, so it gets the morning sun at the back and then sun most of the day at the front and sides.How often should I water them as I know they are prone to rot if too wet and when should I start to feed them as a well known shopping telly gardener said feeding too soon will make them all leaves and no flowers



Most composts contain enough feed (if the compost is fresh and new) for 4-6 weeks, and the time to feed these is once they're up and running and you've planted them out mid to end of May. I'm not at all sure your greenhouse outside will be warm enough for them, given its so cold for the time of year, particularly overnight. As for watering, once a corm starts growing, wait for the surface of the compost to dry out slightly and then water. Discard any water left in a drip tray or outer pot or container after 30 minutes.

26 Apr, 2012


Thanks for that Bamboo, I too got trailing Begonias about 6 weeks ago, I did not they had watering instructions, which will explain why some of mine although not rotten but the little stems keep falling off, silly me thought it was due to lack of water and have been watering them every few days. Some have thrived but some are struggling so maybe I will hold off with the water.

26 Apr, 2012


Sorry for interupting the question Littlejan but I just wanted to ask Bamboo advice. Bamboo my trailing begonias are being grown directly in my basket and some in one of those polanters, they are being kept in my spare room which gets sun till mid morning (when its sunny of course) Is it ok to keep them in here or should I put them somewhere warmer (I have turned the radiator of in that room)

26 Apr, 2012


No, should be fine without the heat indoors, specially if it gets sun in the mornings. Presumably it doesn't get below 10-15 degrees in there over night.

26 Apr, 2012


no it doesnt thanks

26 Apr, 2012


thanks for the advice, I have put my begonias in the green house, I was quite suprised how mild it was in there concidering the terrible weather here in the east.
No water sortage here dispite the hosepipe ban my 3 water butts are overflowing.

27 Apr, 2012

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