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I have owned a pachystachys lutea plant for a few years now. It has beautiful flowers but there isn't much in the way of foliage. I live in southern Maine and I keep my plant indoors at all times (too chilly for keeping outside). Is there something I can give it to provide the leaves along with the beautiful flowers?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

M. Douphinett



Have you been feeding the plant and if so what with? If its a name I recognise, I'll be asking what the NPK reading on the container is... Also, when did you last repot?

24 Apr, 2012


I've been feeding the plant weekly (or when it wilts)
with "Dyna-Gro" liquid grow plant food 7-9-5.

I repotted the plant about a year, perhaps 18 months

Hopefully with info will help in finding me an answer.


24 Apr, 2012


Well in theory at least, the feed you're using should be okay, but to be honest, I think I'd switch to a higher nitrogen one for a while, as its deficient in foliage. The plant food I use is designed specifically for foliage houseplants, and the N (nitrogen) is 10.6, NPK reading is 10.6:4.4:1.7 with trace elements (called Baby Bio). Once you've got more foliage, perhaps feed one time with dyna grow and the next time with the higher nitrogen one, see how that goes. According to my houseplant book, this plant should be repotted every spring, needs temperatures not lower than 55 deg F at any time, likes a lot of light, but not direct sunlight in summer.

24 Apr, 2012


Thanks so much. I'll give that a try.


25 Apr, 2012

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